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What is it?


Production camp is a project based intensive that ends in a production. The intensive goes over six days, consist of high intensity training and is mostly choreography based. There is no standard for what the production results in.


What do you get?


By taking part in production camp you get to work intensely, under pressure and sharpened your presence as a dancer and as a “group member”. Together in the studio we have limited time to build a product, meaning everyone has an individual responsibility to stay focused, creative and professional through out the intensive. 

On the last day of the intensive the production will unfold and you have a chance to show for yourself as well as fellow members what hard training and sharp focus will lead to. 


Practical information 



Monday 17.06.24 - 10.00-13.00

Tuesday 18.06.24 - 10.00-13.00

Wednesday 19.06.24 - 10.00-13.00 

Thuesday 20.06.24 - 10.00-13.00

Friday 21.06.24 - 10.00-15.00 (lunch time included)

Saturday 22.06.24 - whole day needs to be sat off



📍Danseløvene, Hasleveien 28B, 0571 Oslo. 


Who can submit?

Any mover who is over the age 15 (or turning 15 this year) is hungry for a challenge and has at least 5 years of dance training. Any injuries should be communicated in the submission. 

If you don’t fit the description but still wish to take part, email us why this camp would be fitting for you as an artist.


How to submit? 

Submit through our form presented on this site.




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