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Is there any life without light?

In the performance LUCE we meet fourteen individuals, all dependent on their light to survive. Through movement they explore life and the many sides of living. From discovering their individual existence to building relationships with each other. Greed and ego versus generosity and unity. An internal and external battle of survival. 


How will life be effected through these concepts of humanity?


LUCE is an interactive performance that involves the audience in making decisions on behalf of the dancers. The performance does not have one specific direction, but the dancers fill the entire room and the audience surrounds the dance floor from all sides. In that way, the experience will be different for everyone observing, depending on where you have chosen to position yourself in the room. The core of the piece is light, where light represents life. We use physical light sources that are used by both the dancers and the audience to promote the various themes we encounter in life.



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