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"MOIRA will promote the value of dance in various arenas. Both the individual relationship each and one has to movement and as a storyteller and eye-opener.

The goal is that you should always remember the feeling you are left with after either being part of or seeing one of our productions."

Moira Production is led by Djærika Aromin Buccat, Anna Manuela Giacopinelli and Irma Micaela Gilboe. Together they founded the group in 2018 and until today Moira Production has created up to several short works, received recognition in national and international competitions and worked in the commercial as well as the artistic scene. 


MOIRA is the group name and represents the three of us, the core, while MOIRA production is everything that we create, often involving more dancers. With MOIRA production we feel more free to explore and expand. 

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